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Perl scripts available here:

Base converter  a script that takes any decimal number, converts it to any base from 2 to 9

Base Converter v 1.1  version 1.1 takes a number in any base between 2 and 10, then converts it to a number in any base between 2 and 10.

Base Converter v 2.0  Version 2.0 is finally here! Convert from any base up to 20 to any other base up to 20. Want to go higher? No problem, it's easy to modify. Also, long overdue, error checking!

Up Down Sequence Generator  Given an initial number, this program generates the Up Down sequence starting with that number. Checks for repetitions as well.

calculator  a simple, crude calculator that you can build on

Miscellaneous math programs  a script that has 4 seperate math functions: factor, lcm, prime, and fibonacci

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